When we spoke about going to Chernobyl I remembered seeing a photo-site about a girl driving her motorbike into the town, mainly because the roads were so quiet there. Googling Chernobyl, she seemed to be linked everywhere. 
We tried to get in contact, not knowing then what we were soon to find out. That she'd made up most of her story. Needless to say that she didn’t answer our lettres (no email-adress on her site; I should have known).
Since on the internet nothing is believed to be true, why did this get so popular?

Every once and a while in the Dutch media-world the prehistoric discussion turns up about manipulating truth in documentary, and some accused filmmaker is nailed to the cross for it. I always find this truth-digging/defining-boundries rather boring. Now I seem to be on the other side, but am I?

If you are amongst the few that have not seen Elena's site, do now; they are some great pictures!

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