Thermocorpus is a full body suit where heat and cold can be distributed strategically to create immersive experiences. It consists of over 700 ‘pixels’ which van be switched from hot to cold and back in a manner of seconds.

Temperature has a very powerful influence on your mood. Cold can leave the body chilled or even paralysed. Heat works as a stimulant but too much can have an apathetic effect. Research done at the Aalto University in Helsinki confirms how emotions not only adjust our mental but also our bodily states. So for instance, a feeling of love shows a remarkable distribution of heat whereas depression leaves the body cold. Polymorf reverses this process by designing a suit that allows for a thermic distribution in order to design emotional experiences. By thermally stimulating different parts of the body, embodied emotional responses are triggered in the body of the visitor. As a storytelling tool this suit allows for creating a fully embodied emotional experiences.
Thermocorpus was designed as part of the STRP Sensory Gym Project where visitors can train, develop and get to know their senses in a new way.

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