Synaptic Theatre is an artistic research project which investigates the possibilies for artists and designers to create meaningful and immersive experiences by stimulating the limbic and neurological system of the audience. By creating work that directly manipulates the brain, fundamental questions are adressed about the authenticity and autonomy of the human embodied experience.By administering hormones and/or electro-stimulating the brain, we will create meaningful experiences directly in the body and, thus, bypassing traditional media. We work together with scientists and designers whose expertise we can enlist and to ensure that all experiments will be conducted safely. One of the frist outcomes of the Synaptic Theatre Project is the THE ENTANGLED BODY installation. In this work an invisible second body will be constructed from the visitors brain activity and be made tactile by using mid air haptic technology. By using Touch and EEG technology we enable a person to touch and interact with an invisible but tactile, live generated dynamic representation of the self.Generate an invisible data double represented as an abstract object that is able to give live feedback and (emotional) expression of your actual mental state. Interacting with this entangled (body) object will create a feedback loop with the self (brain), which in turn changes your mental state and creates an internal dialogue.

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